A paver or brick patio is an elegant and classy substitute to a concrete driveway. Though installing a paver stone patio consumes more time, with hard work you can actually complete it in no time. Also, when it is properly built, a stone or brick patio will be simple to keep up, leading it to last for a longer time than expected. In this article, we have compiled some of the greatest tips to maintain your paving stone patio’s natural beauty and make use of it for a longer time: 

  • The sealant for the stone patio needs to be reapplied to the grout after every 3 years. This can help avoid the polymeric sand from deteriorating as it keeps your grout to look amazing.  
  • Once you can see that weeds or grass has started to invade on your stone patio, the best way to remove them would be to get a spray bottle and pour a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and the right amount of white vinegar in it. This can help eliminate any grass or plant that has overcome on your concrete patio Vancouver, such as the unappealing mold. 
  • Pressure washing is great for stone or a brick patio. However, you need to guarantee to direct the spray at the stone’s surface and don’t aim it on the grout. Try to experiment with how much force you need for this task. Start by using t least less than full power. 
  • If you want to remove the stains, attempt to use a soft wire brush. Of course, you need to refrain from using one that’s either too stiff or coarse since it can possibly leave your stone pavers some scour marks.  
  • Utilizing a hose-end prayer once per week is also a great idea if you want to provide your stone patio some great cleaning session. Also, you can mix a bucket of hot water with a small part of dishwashing detergent and use this mixture for scrubbing the stone. Scrubbing your stone patio with an outdoor push broom can also help.  
  • Basically, you will need to seep yard waste, leave, and dirt off of your patio. This won’t just help to maintain it, but it also helps in preventing grass seeds to develop in built-up dirt. Once the grass will have an opening. It can even crack the cement while the roots are expanding.  
  • Make sure to utilize grout sealer after acid washing and after you’re finished filling in between the cracks. A sealant will make it a lot harder for mildew and mold to propagate and develop on the grout. Also, it will help prevent it from crumbling.  
  • As you design your patio, guarantee to purchase 2-3 additional pavers. This way. You can replace it with one that similarly looks with the original material used once a paver will become cracked or chipped.  
  • Make sure to utilize bumpers while installing your paver stone patio. This can help to make it look neat and clean. Aside from that, it can combat the encroachment of grass and it can make it easier to utilize weed trimmer all over the patio.